Walter E. Disney High School

Go Knights!

Free period | OTA
Victoria stalked through the hall, looking for her locker. She was amused; the lockers seemed like individual cases for one of her jackets than actual storage. Of course, she had no choice. She had to make the most of it.

It was sad, really, that a school in Anaheim of all places seemed to have a shortage of good-looking people. For awhile she'd worried that she would find someone prettier than her but then she remembered that was impossible.

Her boots clacked on the floor and she sighed loudly. So bored, so bored. She slipped her compact out of her coat pocket and smiled at her reflection.

Yes, she's walking down the hall staring into a mirror in her hands. Feel free to crash into her.

Gym | after school | OTA
Getting annoyed
Lieutenant Helga Sinclair delievered a sharp roundhouse kick to the head... of an opponent who wasn't there. She slid back to dodge an invisible strike and dropped low. Her body twisted as one leg extended to trip her unseen partner.

Every morning began with five laps, twenty-five push-ups, twenty-five sit-ups, and twenty-five pull-ups. The same she asked of her twice-a-week classes.

Every afternoon ended with the same if the gym was in use or, as was the case, a round of shadowboxing if the track was in use.

She timed her every movement, coordinated each breath. When she shifted positions, it was fluid, and her jabs were sharp, her strikes hard, even against the air. Her eyes narrowed as her tempo increased. The solider gave way to the assassin. The need to follow orders melted into the need to kill. The assassin became the cat. The rational mind and trained body warped into the instinctual cunning and raw power.

With a mimicry of a knife thrust, she stopped. She watched the ground for a moment, breathing hard. As her muscles began to relax, she tilted her head back and chuckled.

Nothing like a good workout.

Library, OTA
ho snap.
Most kids didn't spend all that much time in the school library unless they needed to check their Facebook quickly on one of the computers, a teacher was making them, or they were trying to skip out on class and the cafeteria was full. But for Milo Thatch, the library was basically the coolest place on campus to be, and one could almost always count on the skinny seventeen year old being in there either hidden in the stacks or hunkering down at a table for some hard core reading.

At the moment, the junior was sitting by himself at a table that had been entirely covered in papers and books. He was thumbing through a book on the legend of Atlantis, and realized mid paragraph that he probably should have grabbed that other book on the topic he hadn't taken off the shelf when he'd gathered his materials. He got up without looking up from the book, and in doing so, he managed to bump right into another person, which made him jump slightly in surprise, immediately looking really sheepish.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't looking where I was, uh, going."

Free period, OTA
Tink was perched on the brick wall outside the school building, her biology book on her lap with a Starbucks drink beside her. Her laptop was sitting a bit precariously on the edge of the wall. She smoothed down her green flouncy shirt and adjusted the hem of her skinny jeans. Her black flat covered feet indian style underneath her. If you hadn't noticed, she likes to make sure she looks good and yet approachable. To some people at least. She sighed audibly and blew a puff of wind out of her mouth, sending her bangs floating up and then gently back down onto her face. She idly flipped the pages in the book while scanning her facebook page. Feel free to bother her, she has no desire to do anything to do with science.

(no subject)
Like so many of the freshman girls, Jewel just wanted to be liked, darn it.  She wasn't used to being one of the littlest ones around by any means, and the idea of jumping in and making friends kind of frightened her.  But she was game for it, certainly.  She can currently be found in front of the activities board, surveying it for groups she might want to join or things she might want to take part in.  She was up for almost anything, so if you feel like recruiting her, go for it.

After school, OTA
Hold my fin - hold my fin!
Like a decent portion of any population of teenagers, Martin Brooks hated high school.  Admittedly, it wasn't really the classes that he hated or the ridiculous drama associated with other teenagers. He wasn't here to be valedictorian or to make friends (or really even acquaintances, and definitely not enemies) and he probably wasn't going to be heading off to college any time soon, so there wasn't even the stress of applications to worry about.

No, Martin just hated not being able to feel in control of things, and high school was one place where he really didn't feel like he had any control over basically anything. And this anxiety about not being in charge was definitely worse now that Neil was a freshman. People were hard on freshmen, and Martin spent an enormous amount of his day worrying about what would happen if something happened and he wasn't there. Of course, even if he was there it might not make a ton of difference, since he was a huge chicken when it came to basically everything, but he would still feel better if he was around in case something did happen.

But fortunately enough, school was over for the day and at the moment he was pacing outside the school waiting for Neil to show up so they could head home. His cell phone was in hand, and he was seriously starting to consider just calling his brother and asking where he was and if he needed Martin to come get him, but he somehow managed some restraint.

Of course, how much longer that would last remained to be seen.

Lunch (OTA, poke a grumpy Beast!)
After wondering for the sixteenth time that day if it was possible to physically keel over and die from boredom, Adam's favorite part of the day came. Lunch. He staked out his usual spot at one of the tables in the large square that served as the cafeteria, all as open air as possible to take advantage of the California sunshine. Adam was fairly possessive of his territory and most everyone gave his table a wide berth, not wanting to piss off "the Beast." It was right on the edge, giving him a good position to see everything that went on without ever actually having to be in the middle of any drama.

He had what amounted to a small mountain of food in front of him, but it was practically guaranteed it would all disappear by the time the lunch period was over. As he chowed down on a slice of pizza, table manners never having had been his strong suite, he scanned the rest of his classmates filtering in. Their constant need for interaction sometimes baffled him. He liked being on his own way more than was probably healthy for the average teenage boy, but whatever. People watching provided him with all the necessary aspects of high school.

Housekeeping Post #2
DaVinci Mouse
I swear after this, I will be moving these to the mod journal. I'm just not sure everyone has that friended I'm placing this one here to be safe.

1) Due to popular demand, we now have an out-of-character community, disney_high_ooc. Feel free to use it for anything and everything -- scheduling, plotting, icons -- it's your playground.

2) I've been asked about the format of the game. Honestly, I'm extremely laid back as long as there is some semblance of organization. I don't have any major plot arcs in mind other than things one would normally find in a High School (homecoming, midterms, etc.) and I've never been a big fan of strict plotlines. I feel people should be free to run amok and see what happens...

When it comes to post formats, I'm actually still really laid back. I've created tags for rp logs, texts, and emails...if we come up with other post types, I'll add them to the list. All I ask is that you give your post a title, tag it, and mark who it's for whether it be everyone, a certain clique, or a certain character. Past that...anything goes.

3) I think we're going with the Knights for their mascot. It's just so cool and it does fit in with the faerie tale theme that is prevalent in most of Disney.

And...I think that's it. Again, I love you all and I love the energy you guys have brought to this. Hopefully you all are having as much fun as I am. :D

On the Prowl... (Open to everyone)
= pissed
Pushing open the front doors of WDHS, Maura stepped into the dimly lit hall. She paused for just a moment, surveying the scene in front of her, before starting towards her locker -- the heels of her black leather boots making a clicking noise that seemed to almost announce her presence.

Which was a good thing as it gave people ample time to get out of her way. Not getting caught in Maura Foxhall's path was a vital lesson all Freshman should learn (and if they were lucky, not by experience) -- at least if you asked her. She had no patience for underclassmen. None at all.

But then, Maura didn't have a lot of patience for many people.

Reaching her locker, she grabbed the few things she would need for her morning classes and then closed it back up, leaning back and looking for someone worth her time.

(OOC: My thought is to leave this fairly open...cower before her awesome power, go trolling the halls looking for someone else, mix, mingle, do whatever. I just thought a hallway scene would be a nice, open-ended first post.)

I say let's get things started...
DaVinci Mouse

First off, you all are AMAZING. Totally and completely. I love every single one of you and your enthusiasm.

Second, make sure you friend the mod journal as it has the Friend All tool and the Character Chart of DOOM in it. Also, I may occasionally use the mod journal for admin-like announcements. Or I might keep putting them here, I haven't really decided yet.

I know there's a few more applications still to roll in and a ton on enabling going on, but I didn't see any reason to delay things further. After all, if we're going to enable properly, we need to make everyone jealous of all the fun we're having. So that being said I am going to throw up an inaguaral post either later this afternoon or this evening...most likely from Maura/Maleficent's journal as she kind of demands it (my muse is pushy and kind of scary).

But...while you're all waiting for that...perhaps you can give me a few opinions on 1) a mascot and 2) some other places to populate this crazy cracked out world. Now, I know by all rights and traditions, they should have a mouse as their know, mice are kind of not scary. So I didn't know if people wanted something more like knights or what not. And I also figure we should make use of some of the place names...turn them into tea shops or diners or internet cafes...anything you think fits.

So whaddya think?


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